Welcome to The Cozy Cabin

                                                                                Seguin's first and one of its kind doggy hotel

The Cozy Cabin is a custom designed and built doggy hotel located on the outside of Seguin in a nice, quiet area. We have 24 spacious rooms, a lot of natural light and fresh air. The buildings are air conditioned. Each room has a doggy door which leads to a private yard so each dog is free to go in and out to their private outdoor space. You won't find this in most regular boarding facilities. Another great thing is that The Cozy Cabin is located in the owners' back yard so the dogs are never left unattended for long periods of time and they get to play in the big yards with other dogs and the kids and they are made part of the family time and routine which makes it a lot less stressful for them to be away from home. We have 3 play yards so that dogs can be separated in play groups based on their size, energy level and temperament, if needed. We are very proud to provide you and your dog with this clean, safe and fun place! You don't have to feel guilty for going on vacation and leaving your dog/s behind anymore because with us, they are on vacation too! :)

We offer meet and greets by appointment only! We would love to meet you and your dog and show you around, but we ask that you please call us to set up an appointment in advance. The doggy hotel is in our back yard on our private property and we prefer not to have people driving by at all times of day and without us knowing who they are. This also disturbs the dogs during their quiet times. 

Before you book with us, please read all the information below:

*We are not a veterinary office and we are not equipped to care for dogs with serious medical conditions and we do not accept dogs with such. If your dog has serious health issues, is prone to having seizures or other life threatening conditions or is terminally ill, please consider boarding them at a veterinary hospital so that they can be monitored properly.

*Our fencing is 6ft high around the private dog yards and 5 ft around the big play yards. If your dog is prone to jumping fences or has extreme anxiety and is capable of climbing our fences or walls/gates inside their room, we are not the right set up for your dog.

*If your dog is obsessed with digging holes or digging under fences, and is capable of digging out the artificial turf in their doggy yard while left unsupervised, we are not the right set up for your dog.

All dogs must be:
-Current on their shots: DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella. If you need to to bring your dog up to date on their shots, please make sure your dog receives their shots at least 2 weeks prior to boarding! Young puppies must have completed their 3 rounds of puppy shots (DHLPP) and also have Rabies and Bordetella 2 weeks prior to boarding. No exceptions! Proof of vaccination is required to make a reservation;
-Healthy, free of fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites*;
-Kid and dog friendly;
-Spayed/neutered. All dogs over a year old must be fixed. No exceptions!

Please note:
*If a dog is found to have fleas, ticks or intestinal parasites, they will be treated and the owner will be billed accordingly.
*We do not accept female dogs in heat, pregnant or nursing dogs. No exceptions! If your female dog is between 6 and 12 months old and not spayed yet, we require to have a back up contact of a person who would be able to pick them up in the event she came into heat.
* Any dog who exhibits signs of aggression towards other dogs or signs of any unacceptable or destructive behavior will immediately be separated from the other dogs and will not be welcome to come back.

What your dog's stay includes:
-A spacious room in our clean, bright, cozy and air conditioned doggy hotel;
-Access to their own private outdoor yard and the freedom to go in and out their doggy door as they wish;
-A lot of supervised play time in the big yards at no charge;
-Lots of treats and attention from the family;
-Daily cleaning;
-Quiet time from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. We tuck the pups in around 10 p.m., shut the doggy doors and let them get their rest. We open their doggy doors at 7:00 a.m. again and start our daily routine.

Senior and special needs dogs:
Senior dogs and dogs that require special handling due to disabilities, age etc. that might prevent them from comfortably and safely using the doggy doors and steps in their rooms, will be accommodated and will receive the same amount of free time in the big yards.

Payment methods:
We accept Cash, Check, RBFCU transfers, Venmo, Cashapp and Zelle.
We do not accept credit or debit cards and we apologize for any inconvenience!

What you need to bring for your dog/s:
- Their food;
- Bed or blanket and favorite toys;
- Medication and supplements etc., if any.

The Cozy Cabin is located at 1684 Ilka Switch, Seguin, TX 78155. It is behind the owners' house and there is a designated parking area for clients of the doggy hotel. Please pass the house and you will see the Drop off/Pick up sign ahead of you and to your right.

Boarding hours:
Sunday to Friday:
Check out: 9-11 a.m.
Check in and late check out: 4-6 p.m

Saturday: Closed

Late check out is an additional $20 per room.
No check outs after 6 p.m.

Boarding Rates:
$40/night for one dog
$55/night for two dogs
$70/night for three dogs 
$85/night for four dogs

Daycare Rates:
1 dog is $25 per day
Each additional dog is $5 per day.
Daycare hours:
Drop off: 7-8 and 9-11 am.
Pick up: 4-6 p.m.
Doggy daycare is not available on weekends and availability varies on Holiday weeks.

Weekends and major Holidays require a minimum of 2 nights stay. Payment in full is required 30 days in advance for all reservations for major holidays.
Cancelation Policy:
In case of cancelations of at least 14 days in advance, a refund in full will be issued. For cancellations of 13 to 7 days in advance, there will be a 2 night non-refundable fee. For cancellations of less than 7 days in advance, there will be no refunds.

Major Holidays this policy applies to are: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Fourth of July, Memorial day, Labor day and Spring Break for Comal And Guadalupe counties. Thank you for your understanding!

We will be closed on the following dates in 2023:
September 22-October 31
Please check back here or on our Facebook page for any updates on our scheduled shut downs.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understating!